Gearbox Services


Our gearbox division has established itself by having a complete gear cutting Department. With knowledgeable technicians And alliances to all manufacturers of gear boxes that we repair. We handle obsolete or discontinued gear boxes. Sufficient stock of material to cut any size gear. All bearings and seals are ordered from manufacturers to ensure top performance once your unit is completed.The ability to rebuild Worn or distorted chipped or broken teeth Our unique process of in Fusion welding and hardening is what sets us apart from most shops. Polished and ground gears can be obtained to ensure minimum vibration and Noise. Line boring

Makes serviced




Power source machine has been rebuilding pumps since its first open its doors 30 years ago. With our machine shop capabilities and our accumulated experience we can rebuild just about any make model pump in the industry. Worn and cavitated pumps housings and impellers bolt open-faced or closed can be successfully rebuilt. Shaft bearing areas build up with Chrome or spray metalizing to original size and specs.All seals and bearings are replaced with OEM. Whit services such as Dynamic balancing dye checking and magnafluxing plus high-speed balancing and pressure testing makes us your number one choice when it comes to rebuilding your old Outdated worn pumps.