Power Source Machine is well experienced in rebuilding engine valves and manufacturing all makes and sizes for customers throughout the globe. Our extensive stock of materials allows us to supply and design with guaranteed specifications to satisfy any customer's demands. We offer cost efficient solutions both intake and exhaust valves forged and hot extrusion in a broad range of materials. The rebuilding process is just as meticulous using stellite on seat and tips areas. chrome plating on the stem. Nitriding/tuftriding

Materials Used


Cylinder Heads

All cylinder heads are completely disassembled before the rebuilding process begins. Next step is to chemically clean sandblast all internal chambers and firewalls are examined for wear. Welding and machining in hard-to-reach areas are performed by expert technicians. Valve seat areas machined to oversized or original specs. seal areas are hand lapped new seats and Valve guides are installed and rebuild units are pressure tested to minimum 10 bar. All units are painted and warranty for one year after installation.

Makes We Rebuild


Valve Trim Parts Manufacturing

Valve Trim Parts ManufacturingUsing hard surfacing materials Such as Stellite-nitride we can rebuild your old existing Valve parts to exceed the OEM Specifications. We put out the highest quality Valve trim repair to Satisfied customer's demand.Machining-CNC-Precision Grinding Welding and reverse engineering giving you service and warranty to Surpass any other Shop.